About us

We are a dynamic team with a fresh perspective to help our clients succeed. We focus on innovative solutions. By thinking outside the box, we are able to handle even the most intricate cases.

We have gained our legal experience in the leading law firms in Krakow. From the very beginning, we have combined theoretical knowledge with practice in different fields. Such combination makes us feel at ease with issues requiring professional expertise.

We are aware that legal issues can be complicated. We are here to safely guide you through the proceedings regardless of how difficult your case is.

Our activity is founded on trust.

Fields of expertise


We see to it that our clients’ interests are always secured with relevant agreements, which we draw up, negotiate and give opinion on. Based on our broad experience in the construction, telecommunications, retail and transport sectors, we draw up agreements governing all activities and relationships relevant to the entrepreneur.

What do we do?

  • We draw up and negotiate sales and delivery agreements, including framework agreements using the so called trade credit.
  • We recommend tailored solutions concerning warranty and implied warranty for product defects as well as special rules of liability for non-performance or inadequate performance of the agreement.
  • We prepare warranty cards, general terms and conditions of sale, and terms of use.
  • We provide legal support for lease and leasing agreements, rental agreements, establishing pledges on properties, and purchase and sale of properties.

  • We prepare and continuously update distribution agreements to the extent of product promotion, terms of use of the manufacturer’s trademarks, manufacturer’s provision of expertise to the distributor, and cooperation between the parties in order to satisfy claims of end users related to warranty and implied warranty for defects.
  • We verify whether the discount systems used comply with the competition law.
  • We provide legal support for loan agreements which the client enters into in order to obtain funds for launching the investment.
  • We give opinions on, negotiate, and analyse developer and reservation agreements. We help to screen the developer by studying its past. We indicate risks and propose favourable solutions for the client to enjoy their apartment for years to come.

Intellectual property rights

We help entrepreneurs protect their utility models, know-how, and trade secrets. We advise with respect to patents and trademarks. We leverage our knowledge of intellectual property rights to protect and enforce our clients’ copyrights. Our experience in supporting IT companies enables us to feel at ease with the broad field of Internet law.

What do we do?

  • We provide advice on copyright, patent law, and industrial property.
  • We prepare database protection regulations.
  • We create legal opinions, license agreements, and agreements of sale of rights and licenses.
  • We provide support to the extent of protection of trademarks, industrial designs, utility models, and patents.

  • We prepare applications for registering trademarks before Polish Patent Office and before the European Patent Office.
  • The patent attorney who cooperates with our law firm represents the client before the Patent Office.
  • We prepare opinions concerning patents as well as draw up patent applications.
  • We represent clients in disputes concerning infringement of trademarks, industrial designs, utility models and patents as well as in disputes concerning violations of the Unfair Competition Act.

Support for construction process

We provide comprehensive legal support of the construction process. From helping to purchase land through obtaining a building permit to conducting the acceptance procedure, we help enterprises seamlessly go through all stages of the investment.

What do we do?

  • We advise in processes of preparing and delivering building projects, including those based on FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) terms.
  • We draw up and negotiate agreements with participants in the building process, including with subcontractors.

  • We represent the contractor in dealings with the investor.
  • We represent clients in litigation concerning claims related to the works performed.
  • We conduct a legal analysis of properties (assessment of possibilities of developing the property in accordance with construction law and spatial development regulations).
  • We draw up documents necessary to obtain a building permit.

Legal representation

We take care of clients’ interests by representing them in court and administrative proceedings. We specialise in legal representation in commercial, civil-law and labour-law cases.

What do we do?

  • We provide legal representation before district, regional and appellate courts, the Supreme Court, and public administration bodies.
  • We represent the client before regional, district and appellate public prosecutor’s offices.

  • We specialise in quick recovery of debts as part of writ-of-payment and recovery proceedings while ensuring bailiff seizure of the receivables claimed at court.
  • We draw up procedural writs needed in the course of the proceedings (petitions, motions, charges, objections, motions for evidence, appeals, and cassation).

Administrative law

We provide comprehensive legal support to the extent of administrative law. We give advice to and represent our clients in administrative proceedings.

What do we do?

  • We represent clients in proceedings before public administration bodies, including related to construction and tax, as well as in proceedings concerning enforcement of the obligation to pay VAT before the Tax Inspection Office.

  • We represent clients in administrative proceedings before Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.
  • We represent clients in proceedings before public administration bodies, including related to construction and tax, as well as in proceedings concerning enforcement of the obligation to pay VAT before the Tax Inspection Office.

Debt collection

We help our clients quickly and effectively go through the debt collection process and recover unpaid amounts due at the stage of mediation, court or enforcement proceedings.

What do we do?

  • We recover debts from the debtor both at the pre-litigation and litigation stage, including from foreign entities.

  • We help clients amicably resolve disputes with their contractors.
  • We make court and out-of-court settlements by representing either the creditor or the debtor.
  • We develop procedures and organise the control of forms of security of commercial contracts, which may be used in the internal organisational structure of the client’s enterprise.
  • We recover debts from the debtor both at the pre-litigation and litigation stage, including from foreign entities.

Bankruptcy and restructuring law

We help enterprises find a solution in difficult situations, which occur in business. We support enterprises in drawing up and implementing plans in proceedings aimed at approving an arrangement and we guide the client through liquidation proceedings.

What do we do?

  • We advise on the choice of the appropriate type of proceedings: for approval of an arrangement, composition proceedings (including accelerated proceedings), recovery proceedings, or liquidation proceedings.
  • We introduce stand still procedures ensuring business continuity.

  • We support enterprise liquidation proceedings.
  • We develop and implement recovery projects.
  • We help to make an arrangement with creditors.
  • We secure the debtor’s assets against mismanagement.

Public procurement law

We provide comprehensive support of entities to the extent of public procurement. We provide legal support on all stages of public procurement proceedings and agreement performance.

What do we do?

  • We advise on and prepare documents concerning tender procedures.
  • We provide consulting concerning Terms of Reference along with activities aimed at changing their content (including submitting appeals and queries under Section 38 of Public Procurement Act).

  • We represent clients before the National Appeals Chamber and before common courts in cases involving legal remedies.
  • We represent clients in proceedings concerning invalidity of agreements related to public procurement.

Legal support of business entities

We provide comprehensive legal support to companies subject to registration in the National Court Register as well as to sole traders. We help entrepreneurs smoothly address the legal issues they have to deal with at each stage of their business development. With our broad experience, we provide advice on choosing the most effective solutions.

What do we do?

  • We establish new legal entities, both partnerships and companies, as well as other entities such as foundations and associations.
  • We provide ongoing support to the extent of preparing resolutions and minutes of shareholder meetings, as well as appointing and dismissing members of management or supervisory bodies.

  • We take care of the entrepreneur’s calendar with respect to obligations towards the National Court Register.
  • We choose applicable regulations to govern the relationship between partners, including the choice of the best legal form for tax purposes.
  • We conduct investment processes.
  • We provide legal support for restructuring processes – mergers, divisions, and other forms of restructuring business entities.
  • We conduct due diligence analyses as part of transactions both for the seller and the buyer.
  • We prepare, give opinions on, and negotiate commercial contracts.
  • We prepare agreements of cooperation between business partners, articles of association, shareholder agreements, and consortium agreements, as aligned with needs of a specific business undertaking.

Railway law

We combine subject-matter knowledge of railway law with professional practice. Valuable experience gained at the Office of Rail Transport enables us to perfectly understand the specific nature of the industry and address the expectations of entrepreneurs operating in the sector.

What do we do?

  • We represent clients in proceedings before central and local government authorities.
  • We provide legal support to the extent of obtaining licenses, certificates, and safety authorizations.

  • We advise on access to the rail infrastructure, its maintenance and upgrade.
  • We comprehensively address claims related to transport services.


Combining knowledge in many areas of law, we supplement it with information on issues related to new
technologies. We help our clients with the implementation of IT projects — both from the point of the
ordering party and the supplier. We advise entities on the protection of their unique and innovative
solutions. We represent the interests of our clients in the course of negotiations and in court proceedings.

What do we do?

  • Advice on software implementation contracts;
  • Advice on patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other industrial property rights;
  • Advice on issues related to the processing of personal data (GDPR);

  • Advice on tax matters in the field of IT projects, especially to save our clients from double taxation;
  • Designing legal solutions in the field of copyrighting
  • Preparation and negotiation of licence agreements and contracts transferring the copyrights, including
    computer programs;
  • Representation of clients on the Polish Patent Office and intellectual property courts;
  • Representing clients in proceedings related to the protection of personal rights (e.g. portrait protection);
  • Designing solutions for database protection;


We offer comprehensive legal support for e-commerce projects. Nowadays, stationary sales are gradually losing out to online stores. That is why we help to go ONLINE regardless of the industry in which our clients operate . We prepare full legal documentation, including sales and promotion regulations, privacy policies, legal mailing, specimens of documents and trade approvals. We also implement comprehensive solutions in the field of GDPR. We help to design lawful marketing solutions. We also support the customer service department in ongoing communication with consumers. We conduct compliance with existing e-commerce companies and provide comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs entering the world of online sales.

What do we do?

  • Developing regulations and privacy policies for parties;
  • GDPR implementation;

  • Assessment of the legal aspects of marketing campaigns;
  • Assessment of the legal aspects of communication conducted on social media (e.g. contests, lotteries);
  • Representation in disputes between producers and suppliers;
  • Representation in disputes with consumers, also on the Consumer Ombudsman;
  • Supporting company branches in the field of communication with the client (e.g. warranty rights);
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts concern services for the e-commerce industray (sales systems, CRM, ERP, marketing automation);
  • Assistance in the intellectual property protection, in particular, legal protection of the brand;


Sebastian Pikor Sebastian Pikor

Sebastian Pikor


I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. The topic of my master’s thesis, written under the guidance of Jerzy Pisuliński, Ph.D., was mortgage, which is one of the most common and effective ways of securing receivables.

I have been gaining my experience since the early years of my studies by cooperating with reputable law firms in Krakow. Since the beginning of my career, civil law cases appealed to me, in particular the law of obligations, that is issues most related to a lawyer’s and entrepreneur’s daily activities. Also companies law and contract law fall within my field of expertise. I have broad experience in negotiating contracts and recovering debts as part of litigation and pre-litigation proceedings.

I speak English for professional purposes as well as French. In the firm I am responsible for supporting English-speaking clients.

Ewelina Nieznalska Ewelina Nieznalska

Ewelina Nieznalska


I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and the Łazarski University in Warsaw. I wrote my master’s thesis in bankruptcy law under the guidance of professor Andrzej Jakubecki, Ph.D. My second thesis was devoted to property foreclosures.

Initially, I gained my experience at FMCG companies. Then I stayed for a longer period of time with one of the leading law firms in Krakow. I am familiar with railway law, which I had the opportunity to explore in the Office of Rail Transport.

I speak English for professional purposes.

Igor Sumara Igor Sumara

Igor Sumara


I graduated law from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. My interests focus on broadly understood intellectual property law, new technologies law and artificial intelligence. I am also interested in LegalTech solutions that improve the organization of work and communication with the law firm’s clients.

In our Law firm, I’m responsible for litigations, e-commerce and IT cases and contract law. I also deal with the registration of trademarks and disputes related to intellectual property. I help our clients negotiate various types of contracts and agreements. I also conduct legal training in various areas of law, in particular in the field of GDPR.

I am a court mediator, and an out-of-court dispute resolution enthusiast.

I have gained my experience in reputable law firms in Krakow and Warsaw. My internship was completed in one of the largest Polish law firms — Domański Zakrzewski Palinka based in Warsaw. My knowledge was supplemented by attending postgraduate studies in New Technologies Law at the Kozminski University and participating in many initiatives and workshops related to the lawyer work (including the Law Leaders Studio co-organized by the Ministry of Justice).

Apart from working in the law office, I also conduct law education for primary and secondary school students

In our Law Firm, I am responsible for assistance and advice to English-speaking entities.

Ewa Kozłowksa Ewa Kozłowska

Ewa Kozłowska


I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. I wrote my master thesis in the area of public international law, under the supervision of associate professor at the Jagiellonian University dr hab. dr. h.c. Kazimierz Lankosz.

I gained my professional experience at several Cracow law firms, at the National Labour Inspectorate, at a notary’s office as well as in the property development industry sector.

I focus my practice on civil law, litigation, family and guardianship law and labour law. I also deal with legal issues associated with real estate. I provide legal assistance to both private individuals and to business entities.

I have a sound knowledge of English as well as knowledge of German on an elementary level.

Kamil Skurski Kamil Skurski

Kamil Skurski

junior associate

I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. Professionally, I am interested in the obligations and labour law, but also in forensics and criminology. It is the criminological issues, and more specifically crimes committed with the use of firearms, that my master’s thesis was about.

I have gained professional experience in reputable law firms in Krakow. I have been associated with the Law Firm of NP & Associates since 2018. I deal with economic matters, especially debt collection, administrative law and labour law matters.

I speak English for professional purposes.

Our team also consists of lawyers and legal counsels specialised in penal, administrative, labour and social insurance law, who cooperate with us on an ongoing basis. The experts that cooperate with us also include an auditor, tax consultant, a specialist in obtaining business development funds, and a patent attorney.

Adam Nowakowski

radca prawny

Jan Kowalski

radca prawny


We believe that true development is possible only by combining knowledge and practice. It is our pleasure to help others develop.
For law students who want to improve their skills, we provide 3 months’ summer apprenticeship, which helps combine academic knowledge with practice.
For trainee legal counsels, we have prepared a dedicated internship program, which allows for gaining valuable experience and embarking on a career in the industry. After the internship, it is possible to stay with us longer.

By inviting you to our team we are ready to take care of you and share our experience. Apprenticeship and internship is not the time to prepare coffee. You will be given more serious tasks which we will gladly introduce you to.

If you are interested in summer apprenticeship or internship dedicated to trainees, send your CV to: biuro@npkancelaria.com

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We can sit and have a coffee at our office or meet at a place of your convenience.

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